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Mail-in Spore Testing Kits

Compare to CONFIRM Spore Test Kits

Is Your Dental Office Autoclave or Sterilizer Effective?

As a designated user of an autoclave, you are responsible for conducting monthly biological spore tests. These spore tests assure that the sterilization equipment  is working properly.  Spore testing involves the use of Bacillus stearothermophilus spore strips  for testing. 


Spore Testing Records 

As the person responsible for the autoclave, you are in charge of making sure that the spore testing record sheets are completed each month. If the spore testing records are not found, it will be assumed that you are not doing these required monthly tests!  If it is determined that an autoclave is not working either through testing or other malfunction, you will be notified so repairs can be scheduled. An appropriate warning sign must be posted on the autoclave to warn other people not to use the defective equipment.


Spore Testing Includes Fast Turn Around Time! 

24-hour results for steam sterilization.  Immediate and confidential notification of failed test results.  We have knowledgeable technicians on staff to assist in proper procedure following a failed test.


To be sure, you need to spore test. 

Available for Steam / Autoclave, Chemical Vapor, Dry Heat and Ethylene Oxide sterilization cycles.

• Easy to follow Instructions.

• Test results in 24 hours.

• Check results online with our secure web site.

• Documentation of test results.

• One of the most cost-effective methods of biological monitoring.

• Reminder for you to reorder to keep you on schedule.

Available in two counts:

48 Tests per box                              12 Tests per box
#SM-4800                                           #SM-1200



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