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DEFEND Desensitizer - 10ml Bottle

DEFEND Desensitizer is a universal desensitizing agent indicated for use under permanent or provisional restorations and on exposed root surfaces. DEFEND Desensitizer can be used with resin adhesives and can be placed on areas of cervical abrasion or erosion. DEFEND Desensitizer contains gluteraldehyde and HEMA, which aids in sealing dental tubules providing relief from hypersensitivity. DEFEND Desensitizer is supplied in a 10 mL dropper bottle. A drop is dispensed and the liquid is applied to the tooth with a small applicator brush. DEFEND Desensitizer was evaluated by 28 consultants in 679 uses. This desensitizer received a 91% clinical rating.



•Abrasion, cervical erosions and preps
•Applications to vital crown preparations prior to luting with cements
•At the "prep" appointment to desensitize during temporization
Most dentin resin bonding materials will benefit from
DEFEND Desensitizer application. Its application reliably reduces
post-op sensitivity by supporting the collagen framework for easier
penetration of the adhesive, thus enhancing the dentin bond.
DEFEND Desensitizer is an equivalent formula to Gluma*
(for about 1/4 the cost per ml)



Product Features

DEFEND Desensitizer is simple to use and easy to add to current clinical procedures. Additional applications were found to increase effectiveness. Isolation is very important to avoid a caustic effect of the gluteraldehyde on the soft tissue. The solution is a watery liquid, and precise placement is difficult, especially on cervical areas. Many consultants found DEFEND Desensitizer to be immediately effective for reducing sensitivity on exposed dentin. Its compatibility with adhesives, cements and amalgam make it a versatile product.



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